Thursday, July 30, 2015

12 Pretty Free Fonts

Some new free fonts I've stumbled across that I thought I'd share. Perfect for bloggers, creatives & designers.. or if you're just looking for some pretty new letters to add to your collection. Happy Thursday!

P.s. Another 15 free fonts.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Links I'm Loving

Welcome back to Links I'm Loving - it's been a while, hasn't it?! I missed sharing some of my favourite links from around the web every week. Here's this weeks top 9!

1. Why coffee isn't bad for you (it's actually beneficial).

2. The most stunning seaside villages in Italy.

3. Griffin Lamb. This guy is a photography god.

4. I wouldn't mind having dinner here.

5. Caramel Bourbon brownie milkshake. Dying.

6. I don't want them, I need them.

7. Dreams really do come true.

8. Six facebook statuses that need to stop right now.

9. I'll be attempting to bake this on the weekend.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Top 5 Croatian Islands to Add to Your Bucket List

Croatia is one of my favourite places in the world, full of postcard worthy beaches, crystal clear water & medieval towns. I've yet to venture to all the islands of Croatia, but if you are planning a trip, these are Croatia's 5 islands too beautiful to miss.

1. Hvar
One of the most known islands (and for good reason) is Hvar. From the postcard beaches to the medieval streets, seaside bars and vibrant nightlife, it's an island full of beauty. Hvar Town is estimated to draw around 20,000 people a day in the high season. It's also where you can catch a water taxi to Carpe Diem, a club with on an island of its own.

2. Korčula
The Island Of Korčula is one of the greenest islands in the Adriatic Sea. It is rich in art and culture, as well as beautiful nature such as numerous tiny and secluded beaches and bays, small and uninhabited islands and breathtaking views. The main town (known as Korčula Town) is a typical medieval walled Dalmatian city, surrounded by defensive towers very similar to Dubrovnik. 

3. Mijet
This is a magical little island where you will discover the natural beauty of Croatia. Mijet National Park makes up most of the island, where there are two salt water lakes and several villages. The sea around the island is rich in fish and marine life, and clear enough to see to the bottom or go for a dip!

4. Vis
Tuck yourselves away on one of numerous spectacular and secluded bays, discovering its extensive vineyards, palm, pine, olive, oleander, fig, carob and mulberry trees, local seafood and wine. Vis is an ideal romantic hideaway. It used to be a Yugoslavian military site & a no-go zone for foreigners up until 1989, so you'll get a more authentic island experience as it's not spoiled by too many tourists.

5. Brac
This island is a haven for water sports including scuba diving, sea kayaking, parasailing, water skiing, jet skiing and wakeboarding. It is also home to Zlatni Rat, on Brac's south coast, Croatia's most photographed beach, & its top windsurfing spot. Apart from it's stunning beaches, there's small villages to visit, mountains to climb and caves to explore.

Have you visited any of these islands? Which one would you add to your bucket list?

Monday, July 27, 2015

How to Curb and Control Food Cravings

Towards the beginning of the year my cravings were getting seriously out of control. I mean, I naturally have a sweet tooth (I'm a dessert over dinner kind of person) but I was pretty much craving anything under the sun.

I decided to do some research on the topic and figure out what food cravings really mean. I discovered it was due to my previous diet, which looking back, was far too restrictive. My body was depleted of all the nutrients & minerals (magnesium, calcium, nitrogen..) which was leading me to crave carbs and sugary sweets.

I readjusted my diet to include more clean, vitamin rich foods, as well as taking daily vitamin supplements. My cravings have since reduced significantly (!!).

Cravings are really a message of malnutrition from your body. It's trying to tell you what it needs. 

According to this article, most calories in the standard American diet come from refined carbohydrates, and other processed foods, which are mostly devoid of essential minerals and nutrients. So we end up craving the vitamins and especially minerals that we lack.

So be careful if you're restricting your diet to lose weight or become healthier, because it can work in reverse. Food should be your body's fuel. Don't get me wrong, you should still treat yourself, but in moderation. Most of the time your body isn't actually craving that chocolate bar, it's just lacking important nutrients.

Here's a chart to help decode your cravings:
Source: elle
Did you find this post helpful? What are you constantly craving?

Friday, July 24, 2015

Recent Things

The past week was my first full week back home and it's been a real whirlwind. The post-holiday depression has kicked in, as well as the detox. Although I have looked forward to healthier meals after living off pizza and alcohol for 6 weeks. As some of you may know, I dropped my phone into the ocean whilst in Croatia and I've just been reunited with an iPhone 6 after almost 3 weeks (missed you Instagram). And yes, it was magical. I hope you all have a great weekend!

{watching porter robinson perform live}

{brightening a space in the living room}

{post-holiday detox salad}

{fighting an oncoming cold with impressed ginger ninja juice}

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Currently Craving: Swimwear

I may have returned home to almost negative temperatures but I'm refusing to let go of the European Summer. Just to set the scene: currently with my duvet on the floor in front of the heater browsing through bikinis. Casual, right? Also don't forget to take advantage of discount vouchers when you're shopping online - they always come in handy!

I'm obsessing over number 2, 3, 6 & 8! River Island can do no wrong. What one is catching your eye?

1. Mara Hoffman

2. Nelly

3. River Island

4. River Island

5. Eres

6. River Island

7. Eres

8. Topshop (bottoms now sold out!)

9. Boohoo

10. La Perla

11. Ack

12. Lisa Marie Fernandez

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Blueberry Banana-Nut Oatmeal

Oatmeal has been an acquired taste and over recent years, I've become completely obsessed. I'm not someone who can stick to the same foods everyday, I get bored easily so I like to have a lot of variety with my foods. Oatmeal is perfect because you can switch up your toppings every morning. I also find every time I do have it for breakfast it keeps me full for hours & I'm not craving any unhealthy foods later in the day. My current morning go-to is what I like to call blueberry banana-nut.

Ingredients (makes one serving):

1/2 cup rolled oats
1 cup water or vanilla almond milk (or 1/2 cup each)
1 small banana
Handful of blueberries
1-2 tbsp chopped nuts
1 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp coconut sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla


1.  Add oats, water and milk into a saucepan and turn heat to medium. You can also add in 1/2 banana (thinly sliced) into the mixture. Cook until oats begin to bubble.

2. Stir until oats become thick and creamy, it should take 3-5 minutes. You can reduce to a low heat and keep cooking if you'd like the texture to be thicker.

3. Remove pan from heat, stir in cinnamon, coconut sugar and vanilla.

4. Scoop finished oatmeal into a bowl, top with blueberries, chopped nuts (I used almonds, walnuts also work amazingly) & 1/2 sliced banana.
I can't get enough of this flavour combination. I look forward to it every morning, and if I'm honest, I could probably eat it for lunch as well. I guess it's one thing that makes Winter a little more bearable.

Are you an oatmeal lover? What's your fave combo?

Friday, July 17, 2015

10 Tricks to Save Money When You Travel

No matter where you are in the world, there's always a way to budget your money. Here's 10 tips to save you some cash because why pay more than you need to?

Cheap / free accommodation. I think the best advice anyone could give whilst traveling is to ditch the hotels. The industry for free and cheap accommodation is blooming and it's a terrific way to meet people and save money. If you're not backpacking through hostels, I highly recommend renting an apartment through Airbnb or couchsurf, which is basically free accommodation. You can also choose to house-sit through programs like Mind My House. If you want to know more about these & other free travel options, I did a post about it over here!

Stick to public transport. The majority of cities have fantastic public transport systems set up. When I was traveling, we hardly caught any cabs because it's really just money wasted. Get yourself a day or week pass, depending on how long you're staying and take advantage of the trains, trams and/or buses! It's also a great way to experience living more like a local. However if you need to catch a cab, always catch them from the taxi ranks. They usually have set fares.

Pre-pack snacks. It's not necessary to eat out at every single meal, because it can get really pricey. Head to the supermarkets and stock up on some snacks. The amount of money you'll save is ridiculous and it can be so much nicer than sitting at a restaurant. If it's sunny, take the opportunity to grab some food, a bottle of wine (€3 a bottle in Paris!) and set yourself up at a park for the afternoon.

Invest in a tourist card. If you are going to be sight-seeing at museums and art galleries, buying a ticket for each individual one can get really expensive. Most places offer a 1 or 2 day tourist pass that usually works out to be a better value for money, so make sure you look out for them first.

Keep away from tourist hot spots. You'll find that around main tourist spots and attractions that the food is so much more expensive, because most people don't know any better. Walk a bit further away from those spots, into lane ways and little side streets. You'll find the food and drinks to be much cheaper, more authentic and you'll be surrounded by locals.

Take free tours. Most places offer free walking tours that show you the city’s highlights and teach you about the culture. I think they're a fantastic way to learn about the city and meet some genuine, like-minded people.

Book tickets in advance. When you're traveling between cities by train or ferry, I strongly advise to book tickets online in advance - by at least a few weeks. They'll work out to be at least 50% cheaper in Europe, plus save you time for lining up on the day!

Travel off-season. This may not be for everyone, but there's no denying that traveling during Winter or even Spring can cut costs significantly. Even traveling a few weeks before peak season can save you hundreds in accommodation.

Street food. This is big all over Europe and something I absolutely LOVE! Street food is the perfect way to eat the local food and all under a budget. I still dream about some of the meals I've had from street vendors through Europe. I won't lie, I basically lived off fries covered in cheese sauce in Amsterdam. I have no regrets.

Download a currency converter app. I used the app called xe currency, which allows you to pre-load all your currencies so it works offline. I didn't have wifi or data most of the time, so having this with me made things really convenient. Before downloading the app I wasted so much money on cab fares and shopping since I was only estimating the conversation rate. Turns out I was being ripped off big time.

Do you have any tips & tricks for saving money while traveling?

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Thursday, July 16, 2015

7 Blogs I Visit for Inspiration

Whether you're an aspiring blogger or just looking for some inspiration, here's a list of 7 blogs that keep my inspiration fueled on the daily. 

Cupcakes & Cashmere: No surprises here, but I really couldn't do this post without mentioning one of my all time favourite lifestyle bloggers, Emily Schuman. She's built an empire from her blog and her photography and overall style is something I will always aspire to.

Sincerely Jules: I could almost dedicate a whole post to Jules' blog but in short, every time I find myself in a rut, this blog never ceases to inspire me. From her personal inspirations, style, photography and travel snaps, it's hard not to be at least a little captivated by it all.

The Skinny Confidential: Lauryn blogs about all this health & lifestyle and I'm so happy this blog exists. Her posts always make me laugh and I feel like I'm reading something my best friend has sent me. Also I'm fairly certain I've made almost every recipe she's ever posted.

Because I'm Addicted: This blog started all the way back in 2005 by Geri Hirsch & chronicles fashion, health, food, music and art. I could get lost for hours feasting on all the amazing content and fashion editorials that she posts.

Angelica Blick: If you don't follow this fashion blogger yet, seriously get on it! I discovered her through Instagram (which is crazy inspiring) & I'm constantly checking her blog for new outfit posts. Slightly obsessed.

Lisa Place: Discovering this blog was love at first sight. Lisa's blog is mostly a photo diary, documenting her style, friends and life (which I'd love ASAP)... It could keep you scrolling for hours!

Mariannan: I'm not too sure how long ago I came across Mariannan's blog, but it must have been years ago considering it was one of the blogs that aspired me to start. I always get a little excited when I see updates of her travels and everyday life - so much envy!

What blogs do you visit for inspo? Leave your links in the comments!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summer Days in Santorini

Some summer snaps from my time in Santorini. I was going to do a round up post of all the Greek islands until I visited this magical island, & felt it deserved a post of its own. All photos were taken with my iPhone which sadly fell to the bottom of the ocean yesterday (still trying to come to terms with it... RIP).

Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend. I'm back this week so expect posting to become more regular again!

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